Wandering Patients in Healthcare

Strike the right balance between the safety of our Seniors and their need for independence.

AiRISTA Unified Vision Solution with Patient Flow Manager providing an easy to use view of patient status and location, with defined geofence boundaries and immediate notification of exit, while providing an immediate and accurate location of patient when events do occur. 

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Wandering Patient

Dementia Patients
  • Patients suffering from dementia and related illness’ need to be allowed to move about while be monitored for leaving defined areas or facilities.
  • Using AiRISTA’s RTLS solution, healthcare providers are able to improve patient and family experiences as well as help facility identify undesirable movement and exits.
  • Watch and pendent style patient tags provide a comfortable, easy to wear rechargeable, battery replaceable or disposable patient device providing real time location and alarmable from the device and location (geofence, exit/entry).
a healthcare worker comforts a patient

AiRISTA - Wandering Patient Customer Example

a healthcare worker comforts an older patient
Customer Experience

A large geriatric living facility uses the AiRISTA W4n rechargeable patient tag and T3 pendent tag to provide entry / exit notification and facility geofencing for dementia patients.

Combined with the UVS Patient Flow workflow module, easy alerting of any restricted entry or exit as well as a personal alarming device.

Fully integrated with the B4n Personnel tag, alerts are immediately available to the closest caregiver instantly.

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Wandering Patient

Deployment Details

  • Management Platform: AiRISTA UVS
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA W4 WiFi/BLE Tag, T3 WiFi/BLE pendent tag and B4n WiFi/BLE Staff Tag
  • Integrations: HL-7, ADT
  • Deployment time: 7 days